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Occupational Health and Safety

Occupational Noise

Hearing loss caused by exposure to noise at work continues to be a significant occupational disease and there are regulations from both the MinesWA and Worksafe that are aimed at preventing noise induced hearing loss and require employers to assess and control the risk from noise.

Our onsite Occupational Noise Assessments are conducted by our fully accredited personnel, with no impact on productivity and include:

  • Personal sound exposure measurements (dosimetry)
  • Individual noise measurements at employee positions
  • Octave band analysis (where appropriate)
  • Suggested engineering noise controls
  • Prescription of hearing protection
  • Colour-coded noise maps
  • Full written report

Once identified, noise risks can often be controlled with simple measures such as:

  • Providing hearing protection
  • Introducing different or quieter processes and equipment
  • Using engineering controls like isolating equipment or fitting silencers
  • Erecting barriers and screens to block the direct path of sound
  • Reducing vibration (damping)
  • Reducing time spent in noisy areas
  • Positioning noise sources further away from workers
  • Using absorptive materials within the building to reduce reflected sound

If you require training for your staff, we provide Noise Training on a regular basis and can customise an in house training program to suit your business.

Occupational Vibration

Many workers and employees think that vibration is annoyance and do not think that their exposure to vibration could be a health hazard. Constant exposure to vibration can cause serious health problems

Currently, there are no legal standards that limit exposures to vibration in Australia. However, EcoAcoustics can still help you reduce your workers exposure to vibration by providing whole-body vibration and hand and arm vibration assessments.

With the equipment and experience, we can provide you advice on how to best protect your personnel from noise exposure, and vibration exposure. This will ensure you comply with legislation, practical advice control options and protection for all employees.