Noise Control

EcoAcoustics have solutions from noise for planes, trains and automobiles

Occupational Health and Safety

Precaution is better than cure. Hearing protection is a sound investment. EcoAcoustics are specialists in Occupational Health and Safety

Event Noise Control

EcoAcoustics are Experts in "Keeping it Legal, and Keeping it Rocking"

Environmental Noise Control

It's a noisy environment we live in, EcoAcoustics can help

Transportation Noise

Are the noise levels from Transportation too much to bear? EcoAcoustics can help

Architectural Noise Design

EcoAcoustics can help design all types of buildings, including theatres, offices, sporting venues and restaurants.

Expert Witness

Our expert witness experience includes providing expert evidence in Court matters in various locations around Australia. Clients include local authorities, developers, quarries, industry, mining companies and objectors.

Our expert witness experience includes expert conclaves, tribunals and taking the stand during court proceedings.

Project examples for which staff have provided expert witness services include land resumption cases in relation to transportation corridors, development appeals in relation to shopping centres, residential developments, transport facilities, quarries, service stations, chicken farms, fast food restaurants, waste sorting centres and others.