Noise Control

EcoAcoustics have solutions from noise for planes, trains and automobiles

Occupational Health and Safety

Precaution is better than cure. Hearing protection is a sound investment. EcoAcoustics are specialists in Occupational Health and Safety

Event Noise Control

EcoAcoustics are Experts in "Keeping it Legal, and Keeping it Rocking"

Environmental Noise Control

It's a noisy environment we live in, EcoAcoustics can help

Transportation Noise

Are the noise levels from Transportation too much to bear? EcoAcoustics can help

Architectural Noise Design

EcoAcoustics can help design all types of buildings, including theatres, offices, sporting venues and restaurants.


Environmental acoustics primarily addresses outdoor noise and vibration concerns and complaints. It also addresses proposed infrastructure development to determine the impact that the development will have on potential noise sensitive premises.

Examples of common environmental noise sources are: transport noise from vehicles, planes and trains, and noise from industrial and entertainment facilities. EcoAcoustics can identify and provide the following:

  • Identify noise issues and sources
  • Identify the nearest noise sensitive receivers
  • Measure the level of noise
  • Assess the likely effect of the noise level
  • Provide recommendations to assist with the compliance of relevant legislation and regulations.
  • Noise level testing
  • Noise Impact Studies
  • Site Analysis
  • Noise Barrier Specifications
  • Construction Specifications

EcoAcoustics can also perform tests and calculations to determine the impact of a noise source on the environment and then recommend options to mitigate the noise. The mitigation of noise may be addressed at the source of the noise, or in some cases it will be addressed at the receiver. EcoAcoustics can also conduct 3-dimensional noise modelling to determine the impact of potential noise sources and provide noise amelioration advice to ameliorate the noise to within acceptable levels.