Noise Control

EcoAcoustics have solutions from noise for planes, trains and automobiles

Occupational Health and Safety

Precaution is better than cure. Hearing protection is a sound investment. EcoAcoustics are specialists in Occupational Health and Safety

Event Noise Control

EcoAcoustics are Experts in "Keeping it Legal, and Keeping it Rocking"

Environmental Noise Control

It's a noisy environment we live in, EcoAcoustics can help

Transportation Noise

Are the noise levels from Transportation too much to bear? EcoAcoustics can help

Architectural Noise Design

EcoAcoustics can help design all types of buildings, including theatres, offices, sporting venues and restaurants.

Francis Prendergast


Francis specialises in the areas of occupational noise and vibration monitoring, environmental noise and vibration, and event noise control. He is a qualified noise officer, and has worked on a number of high profile mine sites and LNG sites within Western Australia: Francis has completed a substantial number of noise tests in accordance with the requirements of Australian Standard AS2012: Acoustics – Measurement of Airborne Noise Emitted by Earth-Moving Machinery and Agricultural Tractors Stationery Test Condition, for plant being mobilised to sites within Western Australia, Queensland and South Australia, and is an industry leader in site requirements.