I want to install timber/tiled flooring in my unit (or the tenants above have) – will it be OK?

Body corporate often handle this issue differently, with some requiring a carpet floor finish be maintained or its acoustic performance be maintained, some require a nominal acoustic rating from the floor finish, whilst others may have no comments on the issue. Regardless, tenants are entitled to reasonable peace, comfort and privacy in their property. It should be kept in mind that a floor with a hard finish (i.e. timber or tiles) is never as quiet to the tenants below as a floor with a carpet finish. There are numerous acoustic products which can be installed under hard floor finishes, and these have varying levels of performance.
Suppliers can provide an acoustic rating for the product, however be aware that the performance of any acoustic underlay product is specific to a building. There are a large number of variables that affect the performance including floor thickness, ceilings and wall type (load-bearing or otherwise). EcoAcoustics is able to provide acoustic advice, testing and reporting to determine the acoustical performance requirement.